Days to Come

February lurks. So far, I’ve done a merry dance between the various themes, specifics, and doubts which make up my not-quite-so-little story. As others have discovered before me, it helps to lay your cards out on the table. I can feel a bit of accomplishment in just seeing the outline of all this stuff.

Besides getting a sense of the land, I know my “in” to Andala. It’s Proteus of course. The first contact tale within the tale. Feels to me about the right time to get started.

Proteus is written from Marie’s perspective. It’s her memoir, not mine. All I need from it is enough for the excerpts I have in mind for the top of Alpha’s chapters. While it’s nice to be off the hook for an entire novel within the novel, I do want to try a decent job and explore a bit. A little nag in me says “come on, could always be the kernel to a subsequent book in its own right?” Perhaps. But my main interest is practice pure and simple. It’s time for this writer to do some drafts and get out of his own character for a change.

So, February is hereby the month of Proteus. Quite whether that is what it’ll take, I have no idea. But watch out for drafts showing up here. (I’ll make it plain by using block quotes.) I do have a book to write as well as talk myself into the fact.

Goodness. What have I done?

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